As your Coach, my primary goal is to help you or your brand find success online, but I take a rather different approach to help you get there. I want to do more than just help you gain followers and earn more likes on your account. I want you to feel personally fulfilled, to find balance in your work (check out this study from MIT that links social media use to increased anxiety and depression… it’s frightening), and to succeed no matter how you define success.

My coaching program is flexible, affordable, and holistic, designed specifically for creators and small businesses whether you need just a few sessions to recalibrate your social media strategy or ongoing support to keep you on track with your goals.


We do our best work when we can act and speak freely as ourselves.


We understand that work is only part of our lives. We must maintain a balance.


We find meaning in our work and serve a purpose in our community.


We believe that anything is possible through hard work, kindness, and integrity.

To hire Matt as a coach, fill out the form on our contact page to get started.

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