Why MK

I work to create a better Social Media experience for everyone.

Social Media can be exhausting. Whether you’re an individual Creator or you manage Social Media for your company, I’m sure you have experienced the occasional moments of burnout. It takes a lot of energy to post content, engage with your audience, respond to messages and comments, keep up with best practices, and review performance. It takes hours of work every week, and there are times you might be wondering if it’s even worth the effort. I know because I have been there both as a Creator and a corporate Social Media Marketer.

It has taken over 10 years of work for me to come up with a Social Media process that not only helps me succeed as a Creator but also feel fulfilled and grounded in my work. In working with clients, I take this same approach. I take Social Media seriously because I know how much of an impact it can make, but I never take it seriously enough that it overcomes my sense of purpose and fulfillment. This is the kind of energy I work to infuse through my Social Media presence and my work with clients.


We do our best work when we can act and speak freely as ourselves.


We understand that work is only part of our lives. We must maintain a balance.


We find meaning in our work and serve a purpose in our community.


We believe that anything is possible through hard work, kindness, and integrity.

My consulting program is unique because it combines multiple degrees of experience. I have worked as an individual Creator, a corporate Social Media Manager, an Influencer Manager, and a Marketing Director. I have worked as an entrepreneur and an MBA-level marketer, and I have coupled my marketing experience with education in Finance and Business Analytics, which affords me the chance to provide a well-rounded approach to doing business.

In addition, my approach is personalized. I have found the most success by going beyond best practices, instead focusing my efforts on my unique brand offering and my audience’s individual needs. I want to help you find that same kind of success, working less to chase an algorithm and more to find results. Plus, I want you to feel fulfilled, and I want you to have a better social media experience.

To hire me as your coach, fill out the form on our contact page to get started. You can also contact me directly by sending me an email (matt@krulconsulting.com), text (516-240-5135), or direct message (@imaginationskyway).

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